a brief reflection on the last 4 months, and a look forward

this post was written on a piece of scrap paper in the dark on a 10-hr flight from SFO to Zurich, when I should’ve been sleeping or watching Goodfellas

There’s a lot of things I should’ve done these last few months, most of which involve either a) studying or b) keeping in touch with the people I care about. Updating this blog was not really ever a priority, I fell totally out of the habit of spending a little time in the day to reflect on what had happened because, often, there wasn’t much, and I didn’t want to have to admit that to myself. But then there’s all these brilliant little moments that I wish I had documented better: rum margaritas with Rachel during finals week, a 3-hour “Sex and the City” style brunch with Jess, Maithili and Caitlin; cuddle time with my cousins at my grandmas house, sunset at the cliffs, making it both to Regents and the ER on Sungod, swimming in the cove, the best meal of my life with my mom in Hillcrest, baking with my summer roommates, everything in Outside Lands- moments that I’m incredibly grateful for.

Some time in these past four months I determined that I will do my fall semester at Bocconi University in Milan. A normal person would announce this as soon as their application was approved, or when their visa arrived in the mail, or or when tickets were purchased, at the very least to give those who care a chance to say goodbye. I’m pretty sure I did none of this. This isn’t to say I’m not incredibly grateful for this experience and excited, but rather to haphazardly apologize to anyone who is surprised or disappointed or confused at my departure.

On that note, I’ll be using this space to document the beautiful little moments I experience while abroad, of which I’m sure there’ll be many.


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