The worst decision in recent memory

This cannot be a good idea. Besides, when do I ever act on impulse? There is no track record of this working out in my favor.

In any case, world, I regret to inform you that meenaswim is taking up another small corner of the Internet. Perhaps this will be a quieter, more isolated place than the Twittersphere or Facebook, where people aren’t jockeying for attention quite as much. Maybe I’ll write things to an audience of strangers and not be totally ashamed.

Or, more likely, I’ll one day regret everything I have ever posted on this website (and any other).

… and now, I have spent 24 minutes writing an introduction to a blog that doesn’t really exist yet. So it begins. Ahhhh, I can taste the guilt already.


(for those who are still reading, here is an “Introduction” by Voxtrot that is truly beautiful¬†and has nothing in common with mine)